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Our Mission

Based on the teachings of Maria Montessori, Generations Montessori School aims to provide a quality education for children to help them grow into confident, curious, motivated, and creative lifelong learners.

Kids in Preschool
Boy Playing with Abacus
Playing with Wooden Toys

Center Philosophy

Maria Montessori observed that a child’s learning begins at birth. At Generations Montessori School, we believe this to be true.

  • The infant environment is designed to help children 2-20 months old begin to define their own strengths and personalities.

  • The toddler classroom is set up to assist children as they continue to grow, learn, and develop their confidence and independence.

  • The 3-6 classroom is structured to encourage children to further their cognitive skills and take responsibility for themselves and their classroom.


In each classroom, children will have access to a variety of age appropriate materials centered on movement and coordination, language development, and cognitive growth. Materials are specifically chosen to help students advance socially while developing fine and gross motor skills.


Teachers at Generations Montessori School strive to lead with compassion, love, and respect. Students are encouraged to gain independence through trust, positive social interactions, and intellectual growth. At Generations Montessori School, we believe that children are independent thinkers, capable of making choices and worthy of respect.

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